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Host with the islanders‘ warm heart.


Lemon bath

Hiroshima is the largest producer of domestic lemons, and Ikuchijima is famous as a production area.

The bath with plenty of lemons is the inn's specialty.


High-view bath

Rainbow hanging bath

Relax while watching the island's shadow where the sea of ​​Seto is gloaming.

There are two baths, a lemon bath, and a hot water bath.

The water circulating through the cleaning device is clear and always at the right temperature.



Fresh seafood and local cuisine from Setouchi

Please enjoy the inn's specialty, Setouchi No Kura, which uses local fresh fish, shellfish, vegetables carefully cultivated by the farmer and is a delicious dish prepared by the chefs.

In addition, we have prepared a high-seat table and chairs that make your feet comfortable.

Please enjoy the "island meal" at the inn's restaurant with an open feeling.


Dinner 18: 00-21: 00 / Restaurant


A leisurely morning .

Start your new day with a Japanese breakfast that is kind to your body while viewing the shining sea.

Breakfast 7:30 to 9:00 / Restaurant


In spring, the Seto Inland Sea looks shrouded in smoke.
In summer, the scent of the tide will be a little spicier .
In autumn, the blue sea illuminates the high bright sky.
If the wind is strong, there will be some white waves, and the occasional cold rain lead-colors it eventually.
The four seasons of Takane Island and Setoda Port can be seen from the window, which is rich and beautiful.


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