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An inn that brings me back to my childhood 
Ikuo Hirayama, a painter

​"Tsutsui Ryokan" is located in my hometown of Setoda.
Ikuchi Island is at the crossroads of all directions of the Seto Inland Sea.
It is a scenic area where large and small islands are densely packed, even in the inland sea.
The inn is in front of the port authority.
I remember swimming around in the summer when I was small.
Takaneshima is five or sixty meters ahead. It is a beautiful place that flows like a river.
The area around the port authority is the entrance to the town, and it is lively with visitors to this island.
When I was small, I could feel the scent of the city from the visitors of the mainland on the cruise ships.
People of various occupations stay in the inn.
I have imagined what kind of person they are and when I could go on a trip by myself one day.
A class meeting may hold at this inn.
Sometimes people in our hometown also get together and talk with each other.
Every time passing by the inn entrance, I remember my childhood and miss it.
Every time I go home, the host here also attends the welcome party.
Recently, I went on trips for coverage in Asia and the Middle East countries.
It is inconvenient when traveling in the desert or mountainous areas.
Staying in a lonely and cold village is a unique travel experience.
At times like this, I sometimes remember my hometown.
The beautiful sea and fresh fish bring me back to my childhood in dreams.

(From the weekly Asahi / favorite inn)

Historical and rich landscape. Delicious seafood.

Since it was the first inn of this area in 1883, "Tsutsui Ryokan " has hosted many people who visited this island.

We will continue to welcome you with the warm heart of the islanders in the scent of the tide.

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